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Call 2 Greatness – 2010

The inspiration of Carolyn Managh, Call to Greatness aimed to provide a ‘cool’ and socially responsible activity for young Australians while inspiring donations from young people to support youth-orientated charities including Father Chris Riley’s Youth off the Streets, KidsXpress, Musicians Making a Difference and ReachOut.com.

Carolyn had engaged the support of senior personnel from the Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Waterhen in Sydney.  In what Officers referred to as ‘Mission Creep’, Insight took the relationship one step further inviting HMAS Waterhen to host the launch of the national campaign on the deck of HMAS Gascoyne.  

Featuring 100 Naval personnel, celebrities and high school students, from this one media event Insight generated 44 media pieces and Call to Greatness inspired Australian young people to donate a total of $50K to help peers in need.