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Workspace Week – Australian Chiropractors Association

With a four-week lead-time and a small budget, the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) retained Insight to develop and conduct the inaugural awareness campaign for ‘Workspace Week’ 22-28 August 2022 (WSW). 

Workspace Week is the initiative that reinforces and educates Australians about the importance of postural considerations for setting up a workspace at home or any other location – allowing the chiropractic profession to not only demonstrate a leading role in musculoskeletal health, but to promote the importance of maintaining ergonomic and safe work environments in maintaining the overall health and wellbeing of workers in any setting.

ACA initiated WSW to:

  • Promote ACA, Members and chiropractic, nationally
  • Educate Australians working remotely of the importance of postural considerations when establishing and maintaining ergonomically safe workspaces/settings
  • Demonstrate chiropractic excellence in musculoskeletal and postural health
  • Eventually become as successful as ACA’s flagship campaign, Spinal Health Week (SHW)